Apartment Renovation

Paris 18th arrondissement, France

View of the façade from the park

Michael Hackspill architect Date of completion: January 2009
Total gross floor area: 320 ft2 Construction cost and furnishings: 25,000€ including VAT

The project is a renovation of a Parisian apartment, on the fifth floor of an early-twentieth-century building. A suite of three adjoining rooms, including bedroom, living-room and kitchen, faces south, and benefits from unobstructed views of the Serpollet park with trees in the foreground, and with the Sacré Coeur Basilica beyond. This remarkable orientation is enhanced within the framework of the project. An opening is created in the partition wall of the bathroom, which was the only windowless room, in order to gain a view of the park through the kitchen. The kitchen worktop is extended through this bay to form the washbasin counter. Thus each room is visually in contact with one another and with the outside, forming an unitary, flowing and airy space, flooded with natural light. The white tone and the light wood of the surfaces and the furniture strengthen the interior luminosity of the place. The installation of balcony flower boxes and flower pots with different shapes, in front of each window, greets the natural elements inside the apartment and creates a living space included into the nature, in harmony with the atmosphere of the public garden.

An apartment in harmony with nature
View of the park and the Sacré Coeur Basilica from the living-room
Living-room window from the park
Façade of the apartment on Cloÿs street
Plan of the apartment before renovation
Plan of the apartment after renovation
Longitudinal section
Views of the bedroom
Cross section of the bedroom
Views of the living-room
Cross sections of the living-room
Views of the kitchen
Views through the opening created in the partition wall between the bathroom and the kitchen
Cross sections of the bathroom and the kitchen